This exciting program incorporates presentations from scientists, clinicians, health practitioners and international experts in otitis media and hearing loss. The program will be discussing:

  • Otitis media burden globally, including complications, social and educational disadvantage with a special emphasis on Indigenous communities
  • New and exciting treatment innovations for the prevention and treatment of otitis media and hearing loss
  • Impact and implications of the microbiological communities in pathogenesis, prevention and treatment
  • How immune function relates to the otitis prone condition and how it may be manipulated to ensure better clinical outcomes
  • Prevention and treatment of otitis media, hearing loss and communication problems at the grass roots level by nursing and community practitioners
  • The value and possibilities for alternative and complementary prevention and treatment options
  • New innovative surgical and treatment options

At the end of the collaborative meeting we will be able to:

  • Develop guidelines for improving global funding and collaboration for further research on otitis media
  • Develop an action plan for the prevention of otitis media, hearing loss and the associated education, employment and socioeconomic disadvantage in Indigenous communities

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